Our Story – How We Were Able To Sell Our House Fast

I wanted to share the story of how my family and I found ourselves in a not so nice situation and how we got out of it by selling our house quickly to a cash investor.

I’m doing this because I know that many people out there are facing or will face the same situation, and not all of them will have the knowledge of what actual resources there are out there to help them solve their problem.

I was very lucky, and now I will tell my story so other people can have that same good luck.

Our House Selling Problem

I divorced my ex wife in 2013. If you have been through a divorce, you know can rough it can get.

We have a son who is now 22, and lives in London where he goes to college.

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Back then, we were all living in the same house in York, a nice 3 bedroom detached property with a garden and even a little pond although now I’m in a relatively secluded spot on the Isle of Wight (check out the arial photo on the left).

My ex wife and I were having trouble with our relationship, I won’t dig into the details suffice to say, something happened that triggered a crisis and we could never go back.

After failing to fix things up, we decided to divorce and go our separate ways.
The only thing holding us back? Selling our former family home.

House Selling Help Was Thin On The Ground

I was lucky to have the help of some friends as well as my brother, who always supported me through tough times.

My ex wife and I wanted to leave the house, but we couldn’t relocate definitively until we’d sold our home.

The main reason was that we needed the cash, but also there was the emotional factor that, in my opinion, is what weighs the most.

It was painful to share the same roof after the decision to divorce was made, so we both wanted and needed to sell our property as quickly as possible.

You have to know that selling your home is stressful enough without being through such hard times.

In our local area the property market was moving very slowly. House sellers can wait for months, even years to get an offer.

sell house fast - Step 3

We didn’t have that kind of time.

We looked around, speaking to as many estate agents as we could, but it wasn’t easy because many would require an exclusivity clause, which means that we couldn’t offer our house through any other estate agent.

We weren’t getting offers, and everyone told us the same thing: these things take time.

In the meantime, our daughter decided to move to London and my ex wife went back to her mother’s house for a while, so there I was, alone in an empty house that used to be a family home. I can’t stress enough how painful that can be; but I couldn’t go anywhere else without the cash!

We were running out of options. I even contacted the National Association Of Estate Agents looking for some help or insight, but all I got were the same answers I already had: these things take time.

sell house fast - Step 2

How We Finally Managed To Sell Our Home For Cash

One of my coworkers saw my struggle and asked what was going on. I told him about my situation and he said that he knew about something that I could use.
I remember how my heart lightened up again as I saw a new hope. I must say, I was exhausted and really hurt, so I needed all help I could get.

He told me that his sister had gone through a similar situation and sold her house in a week to a property investment company.

I must say that I didn’t entirely trust what he was saying.

Her house, sold in one week?

For cash?

Seemed too good to be true!

However, I decided to phone her and ask for the details, and this is what she told me.

Companies That Buy Property Quickly For Cash

There are some companies that buy houses in a very short time, for a lower price, in order to sell them on for a profit. She gave me the contact details of that company she has successfully used and I made my call.

Can you believe that our house was sold in not seven, but five days? I couldn’t. Of course, the price that we got was lower than our listing price, but at that time, who cares? Now I’m renting while I look for a new house I can start over in.

Managing to achieve a guaranteed sale was such a relief, I can’t express.

So if you are in a situation like this, you should check around for companies that buy homes in your area. You will have to sell for a discount but you are going to sell your house fast and if that’s your goal, it can be done.

Beware, though, many of these companies are scam artists, and may drop their offer just a few hours before purchasing, or make you sign an exclusivity clause to tie you to them.

I chose the company through a recommendation, and so should you but failing that, here’s a great website that has some sound advice on how to sell a house fast and stay safe (definitely worth reading).

Remember that in difficult times, it is easy to make bad decisions just to try and end it or because you can’t think straight.

Get help from people who love you and act under their advice.

-Peter (Isle of Wight / 2015)